Junior Swimming Squads

Junior swimming squads are very much focused on performance and are a very competitive arena. Students from different schools train with aspirations to be the next possible generation of Olympians. The swimming coaches focus on the swimming drills and technique that needs to be practiced with great repetition. Junior swimming squads typically consist of a 10-1 ratio of juniors to coach. Besides learning all the strokes -freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly – juniors will also be coached to reach competitive lap times with optimal training plans to increase performance. Swimmers will also learn the appropriate ‘flip-turns’ when the reach the end of each lap. Juniors may also learn how to use the diving board depending on their level and competition plans.

8650950515_e551e46a80_bIn terms of equipment, juniors will be needing some new equipment such as kicking fins and (depending on the venue) a kick-board and freestyle snorkel. A freestyle snorkel is a specific snorkel used in swim training which allows the swimmer to maintain the correct body alignment and breathe whilst performing freestyle. Swimmers will also learn other skills such as swimming as a group.

Lesson volume varies but between 2-3 times a week is a common amount for this age group. You will be visiting the club often, and many parents sit and wait while their children are training. For this reason, the venue has installed WiFi. While waiting for your child you can use the WiFi to play an exciting game of Craps online to keep yourself busy.

If your junior is interested in competitive swimming is important for them to experience being in a swim meet environment. The noise, the chaos can be very daunting indeed. As a parent it is vital to motivate your child on their journey as at this stage there is a lot of competition and the child may experience a lot of pressure. Be creative and find a way to make it fun, after all, they probably started or have continued with swimming because it was enjoyable.