Intermediate Swimming Squad

Intermediate swimming squads have a very tough and competitive environment. The swimmers are now working towards being actual athletes. There is a very heavy focus on performance and achievement at this level. Technique at this stage is honed in, as the swimmers should have learned all techniques in the Junior squad. These swimmers are being prepared for swim meets and races on a district or provincial level. At this level, swimmers are expected to take part in up to five sessions a week. There is also an emphasis on building endurance.

swimming-659903_960_720Swimmers will need all the encouragement and support from parents as they are training at very hard level working toward achieving close to national level times. As a parent driving your children up and down up to 5 days a week can be a bit much leaving you with little time to yourself. Also, attending training and meets with your child be good for their confidence. Instead of just waiting in the car or sitting bored on the sidelines, you can legally gamble on your phone with many exciting and gripping games such as Roulette online and many others. Many online gambling games are very much like other games on smartphones with engaging graphics and the ability to compete with others around the world. The training venue offers free wifi to all members and parents.

The confidence of swimmers is of great importance. Intermediate swimming squads often take into account the time commitment, ability, and the maturity of swimmers. Some intermediate squads have a minimum time commitment of 5 sessions a week. At this level hand, paddles may also be needed depending on the coach’s requirements, as well as a water bottle. Some of the extra skills that need to be learned are the following; nutrition, core strength, and flexibility.